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Add PropellerAds Verification code in Blogger/Blogspot Without Errors

When adding PropellerAds verification code to a Blogger blog, we sometimes get an error message which reads “Error parsing XML, line 3533, column 5: The element type “meta” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.” This error message can be resolved by just adding a simple character to the end of the verification code.

So for those of you running your blog on the Blogger, here is how to avoid getting the error parsing XML message when trying to adding the PropellerAds verification code to your Blogger website. The steps involved is very easy and i really do not think you will encounter any problem.

How to Add Propeller Ads Verification code in Blogger/Blogspot:

I want to believe that you have already completed the steps involved in creating a publisher account on the PropellerAds website and have access to the verification code.

Blogger Dashboard - Theme

  • Next click on the three dots by the right of your dashboard just as i have shown using the image below. Note that the i am currently using the recent Blogger interface. If you are not seeing the three dots, just locate Edit HTML under your theme preview and click on it as shown on the second image and then skip the next step.

Blogger Theme


Blogger Edit HTML 2

  • On the drop-down that will appear once you have clicked on the three dots, simply click on Edit HTML.

Blogger Edit HTML

  • The Edit HTML page contains your Blogger website’s code. All you need to do here is locate the <head> tag and paste the PropellerAds verification code below/after it. The image below is an illustration of how Edit HTML page looks with the Propeller Ads verification code added below/after the <head> tag.

Blogger Edit HTML Page

  • Next you need to close the meta tag as provided by Propeller with ‘/‘ so that the code will look like the one shown in the image below.

Blogger Edit HTML Page

  • Finally click on the Save theme button and you are done.

You can now go ahead to click on the verify button on your Propeller account to verify your Blogger website.


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