Adding a Floating Feedback Button to Blogger, WordPress and Website


Suggestions matter a lot when it comes to blogging. Many a times I get the topic for my next post from messages Educative Helper visitors send me. You will not really understand what I mean by this until you have added a link via which your blog visitors can get in touch with you then you will. What I expect every blogger to do, is add a contact or feedback page with a link on his/her blog page pointing to it so that users will be able to get in touch with them easily.

By adding a contact or feedback link, I don’t mean you should create a link that will be difficult to locate and access by your blog’s visitors but something that will be very visible to the user.

Visibility of a link or widget really play a very important role in a blog’s user friendliness. Making your contact or Feedback link visible can be done in several ways, but today what I am going to show you guys is how to add a floating Feedback button to your Blogger page so that your blog visitors can access your feedback page easily without the need of roaming around your blog in search of how to contact you. So to add the floating feedback button to your blogger page, go through the tutorial below

Note: You need to have a contact or feedback page that you will link the floating feedback button to.

  • Sign into your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Layout >>> Add a Gadget.
  • From the pop-up page that will come up, locate and select HTML/JavaScript.
  • Copy the code below and paste into the HTML/JavaScript box.
<!—- Educative Helper Feedback Button Start-->

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;left:0px;" href="URL Of Feedback Page" title="Your Feedback is very important to us!"><img onmouseover="this.src=''" src="" onmouseout="this.src=''"/></a>

<!-- Educative Helper Feedback Button End-->


  • You should notice that the code is asking for URL Of Feedback Page. What you need to do is replace URL Of Feedback Page with the URL of your Feedback page.
  • You can change the text Your Feedback is very important to us to any thing you wish.
  • Finally click on Save and you should have the Feedback button appearing at the bottom left corner of your Blogger page floating with it.

Have fun receiving positive Feedback messages from your blog’s visitors.


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