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Microsoft Word is a Microsoft Office program found in 99% computers running the Windows operating system. It is no doubt that most computer owners tend to buy PCs because they want to be able to create and edit documents. Having the Microsoft Word program on your computer means you get to create documents seamlessly with ease.

Unfortunately, it’s not everyone who uses the Microsoft Word program knows the several useful shortcuts that can be used when creating and editing documents. These shortcuts tend to make creating and editing of documents faster. You might already know some of the shortcuts I will be providing here but believe me, there are people who know only just a few of them.

Below is a list of all the Ctrl A – Z shortcuts that can be used on Microsoft Word when creating and editing documents.

Microsoft Word Ctrl A – Z Shortcuts:

    CONTROL A – Z    


         Ctrl + A Select all text
         Ctrl + B Bold text
         Ctrl + C Copy text
         Ctrl + D Open font formatting window
         Ctrl + E Move text to center
         Ctrl + F Open search bar
         Ctrl + G Opens go to window
         Ctrl + H Opens find and replace window
         Ctrl + I Italicize texts
         Ctrl + J Justify texts
         Ctrl + K Opens insert hyperlink window
         Ctrl + L Aligns text to left
         Ctrl + M Indent a paragraph from the left
         Ctrl + N Open new word document window
         Ctrl + O Open existing word documents
         Ctrl + P Print word document
         Ctrl + Q Removes paragraph formatting
         Ctrl + R Align text to right
         Ctrl + S Save word document
         Ctrl + T Creates a hanging indent
         Ctrl + U Underlines text
         Ctrl + V Paste copied text
         Ctrl + W Close opened word document
         Ctrl + X Cut selected text (s)
         Ctrl + Y Redo an action
         Ctrl + Z Undo an action


The above shortcuts are basically all the A – Z control shortcuts that can be used while creating or editing a word document.

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