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Can Not Send SMS Message From Your Phone? Here is What to Do

There can be lots of reasons why you can’t send SMS messages from your phone. Either you don’t have enough credit or there is a network problem preventing the messages from being sent. But if non of the above is the case (you have enough credit to send messages and there is no known network issue), then you might just have a misconfiguration in your SMS settings.

To fix the issue, here is what you will need to do;

  • Go to Messages and then click on More.
  • Scroll down the More menu and select Settings.
  • Next locate and select SMS Service Center from the Settings menu.
  • Select the service provider which you are having difficulties sending messages through.
  • Depending on the service provided you have selected from above,  enter any of the values below into the box provided for SMS Service Center.

For MTN: +234803000000

For Glo: +2348050001501

For 9mobile: +2348090001518

For Airtel: +2348020000009

  • Finally click on Ok and you are done.


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