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How to Convert Videos to MP4 for Any Mobile Device

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It is very frustrating when you download a video off the internet to watch on your mobile phone just to realize that the video cannot play on the device. If you are finding it difficult playing video on your mobile device, then it means the video format is not supported by that device. Basically, all mobile phones are programmed to play videos that are in MP4 format. If your device doesn’t play such, then I guess you will need to check the device’s specification to be sure of the video format it supports, and then re-download the video in that format. To avoid doing this (re-downloading a video) and considering the fact that it’s difficult to find websites providing videos for download in all formats, you will need to convert the video to the format supported by your mobile device.

Although, there are websites which offers movies for download that can basically be played and watched on all mobile devices, the videos sometimes does not actually match the screen size of the devices in which they are played in. So again, it is very important to know how to convert the said videos to match the screen size of the mobile device you want to play them in. To view a list of websites offering MP4 movies free for download, read my post on Best MP4 Movie Download Website for PC and Mobile.

Today I will be showing you guys how to convert videos in any format to MP4 so you can play it on your mobile device (any screen size) without the need of an additional or third party software. To do this, follow the steps outlined below;

  • Install the software and then launch it.
  • On the software’s interface, locate and click on Mobile Device.

format factory mp4 conversion

  • When Mobile Device is clicked as indicated above, a new page will pop-up with options to select your mobile device screen size. Pick the suitable screen size for your mobile device by clicking on it, and then click on Ok.

format factory mp4 conversion1

  • Next click on Add File to locate the video you will want to convert to the above selected MP4 video format.

format factory mp4 conversion2

  • Once you have added the video you want to convert, click on Ok.

format factory mp4 conversion3

  • Finally click on Start and patiently wait as the video conversion completes.

format factory mp4 conversion4

  • If you don’t know the location where the converted video is saved to, right click on the video and select Open Output Folder. This will open the folder where converted files are stored and you can then locate the video you have converted and copy it to your mobile device.

format factory mp4 conversion5

 Note: You can convert from one video format to another using the above software.

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