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As a Facebook user, i realized that the only available feature for users when viewing videos is the Save Video option which allows users to save a video for later viewing. Saving a video for later viewing basically saves the URL of the video and does not in the real sense save the video file itself. This means that if you decide to view any saved video at a later time, you must have access to an internet connection to pull up the video via the saved URL. Alternatively, you can just download the video so that you can have access to it at a later time. But funny enough, there is no actual download link or button to click on to download videos on Facebook.

Today i will be providing you guys with an option to download any video of choice from Facebook without the need of a software. There are many other alternative methods that you can follow to download Facebook videos but this article will be on how to achieve the said result via Getfvid site. For the other alternative methods, simple click on any of the links below;

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Simple Steps to Download Videos from Facebook Without a Software

According to the guys at Getfvid, their video downloader is one of the best tools available online to convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free – the service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices.To download any Facebook video via Getfvid website simply for the steps below;

How to Download Facebook Videos Via Getfvid Website:

  • Locate the Facebook video you will want to download. The beauty here is that you don’t necessarily need to click on the Play button as required by most extensions to download the video.
  • Once you have located the video you wish to download, just right click on it and then click on ‘Copy Video URL at Current Time‘.

facebook video downloader

facebook video downloader1

  • Next click on the download button to fetch the video from Facebook database.

facebook video downloader2

  • Once the video has been fetched from Facebook, you will be given three download options which you will have to chose from before the video can be downloaded. Pick between ‘Download in HD Quality‘ or ‘Download in Normal Quality‘ to start your download.

facebook video downloader3

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