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Easiest Method to Delete All Email Messages On Gmail At Once

It’s been a long time I logged into my Gmail account. I just did a couple of hours ago and realized I have over a thousand unread messages which I noticed were more like junk to me. You can just imagine how .angry I was to know that my inbox had simply been taken over by some funny mails which are coming from a source that claims I subscribed to receive updates from.

Well, I simply deleted all the mails. But one thing I noticed while trying to do so is that there is no icon to click to select all the over a thousand message at once so I can just click on the delete icon to clear all the mails. Basically, there are just 100 mails per page which can only be selected at once.

Today I want to share how I was able to delete all mails at once and got my mail inbox to zero.

  • Login to your Gmail account if you have not already done so.
  • On your Gmail Dashboard, locate the search bar just as shown in the image below.

gmail delete

  • Since you want to delete all emails in your Gmail account, it means you are clearing all messages that came into your account before today. So enter the search query below into the search bar. Note that you will need to change the date to your current date.


  • Next click on the search icon to search for all mails before the date you inputted.

gmail delete1

  • Click on the select icon as just as I have indicated below to select all the messages on the page.

gmail delete2

  • When you have performed the above, a message will be shown informing you of the number of mails you have selected. Just in front of it is a clickable message which reads “Select all conversations that match this search“. Click on it.

gmail delete3

  • Now click on “Clear Selection” which appears next to “All conversation in this search are selected“.

gmail delete4

  • On the pop-up page that appear, click on Ok to authorize the deletion.

gmail delete5

  • Patiently wait as the mails are being deleted.

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  • After the deletion is complete, notice that you will still have message mails that came in within the last 24 hours. I want to believe that deleting those ones wont be difficult since they might just be on the first page or the next of your Gmail inbox.

gmail delete6

Note: You need to specify the date you want to stop your deletion. When you enter a specific date in the search box, it is assumed by Gmail that you want to view all mails before that date. This means that if you decide to delete those messages, you will still be left with the mails after the date you specified.



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