Easiest Way to Make Money as a Blogger Without Publishing Ads


Blogging have become one of the most lucrative business online today. Almost everyone now want to own a blog but the problem is that not all blogs get recognized which is why some people with good writing skill tend to quit along the way not knowing that the key to a successful blogging career is patience and persistence. You need to regularly update your blog with mind blowing interesting contents that will keep your visitors coming back for more thus increasing the blog’s popularity and traffic. Since 90% of bloggers out there started there blog for the sake of making money, I am going to let you guys into a very funny secret which is a big alternative to applying for Google AdSense and other Ads websites when it comes to generating revenue from blogs.

If you know that you are capable of writing mind blowing articles or posts which can bring in several visitors per day to your blog then this will be a very big win for you. I know most of you by now will be wondering how it will be possible for one to make money from blogs without placing Ads and promoting products and services. The truth is that it is possible but requires more dedication and time. You need to have created a reasonable number of posts which should have generated a reasonable organic traffic. When that have been done, then simply place a notice on the blog advertising it for sale. Funny isn’t it? It is funny but it really works and I have been doing this for some time now. People tend to want to generate more traffic for their blog. By purchasing a blog with a lot of traffic, they can channel the traffic to their own blog by simply redirecting the URL of the blog they just bought to their blog’s URL.

How awesome is that? Create a blog, generate reasonable number of organic traffic and then offer it for sale. Once you have seen a suitable buyer, then you will need to learn How to Transfer Blogger Blog’s Ownership to Another User to give the buyer full control and access to the blog. For WordPress, just give the buyer your WordPress blog login details.


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