How to Find the Zip/Postal Code of Any City or Area in the World


There is something very funny that happens most times when people fill out forms both online and offline. They usually mistake zip/postal code with international dialing code. This happens more here in Africa, Nigeria to be precise. I have seen lots of people key in 234 as the Nigerian zip/postal code which is actually not correct as that code is the country’s international dialing code. Some even tend to use 23401 because they have been made to believe that it is Nigeria’s zip/postal code.

When asked to enter Nigeria’s zip/postal code, please do not enter 23401 as most people will tell you to. Actually, 23401 is the zip code for a city called Keller in the United States of America.

Google zip / postal code search

It is very important to note that each area in a country has its unique zip/postal code. It is expected that you find out your area zip/postal code so that you can enter it in a form when asked to do so. In this post, i will provide you guys with a solution to that.

In order to be able to get the postal code of any location around the world, you will need to visit a website which tends to provide accurate postal code for all locations worldwide. This website will be very helpful when it comes to filling forms online as you would no longer get stuck when asked to provide your area/city/state/country postal code which you already know differs completely from the usual international dialing code.

The need to order something from the internet have made it necessary to be aware of the postal code of the area where one reside. If you are finding it difficult getting the zip postal code of your area (either rural or urban), just follow the steps below;

  • Once the website opens, locate and click on the alphabet corresponding to the first initial of the country’s name in which you reside.

postal code1

  • Scroll down the new page and click on the country’s name.

postal code2

  • On the new page that will open, scroll down the page again and click on the first initial corresponding to the city name in which the area you want to get its zip/postal code belong.

postal code3

  • Finally search for the area (city) you want to get its zip/postal code and then click on it. The zip/postal code(s) will be displayed just beneath the name of the area (city). Here i just skipped and searched for the zip/postal codes of the city of Keller in Texas, United States to verify my claim that 23401 shouldn’t be entered as that for Nigeria.

keller city zip or postal code

I hope this was helpful. You can suggest more websites which people can visit to get their zip/postal code of their area and city.


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