Four Hidden Features to Use on Your Android Phone


There has been lots of debates on how good Android devices are compared to an iPhone counterpart. I am not here to compare between the two but to show you some awesome features you as an Android phone user can enjoy.

It is important to note that depending on the Android OS version your device is running on, you might not be able to enjoy some of the features as outlined below. Below are four awesome things you can do on your Android powered mobile device;

Use Smart Lock to Keep Unlock Your Phone:

Smart Lock helps keep your phone unlocked when enabled. There are basically four options available for an Android 7.0 and above OS powered device which you can access by navigating to Settings >>> Security >>> Smart Lock;

  • On-body detection – Keep your device unlocked while it is on you. Just unlock once –and your device will remain unlocked as long as it is in motiunlock android device on body detection

    on, such as when you are holding or carrying your device. Your device will lock when it detects that it is been put down.

Note: On-body detection can’t distinguish between you and someone else. If someone takes your device while it is unlocked, they might be able to access it.

  • Trusted Places – Add location where device should be unlocked. This option makes use of Google Maps to detect the location once you are in that vicinity.
  • Trusted devices – Add device to keep your Android device unlocked when the added device it is nearby or connected.

unlock android device with trusted devices

  • Trusted face – Unlock your phone by just looking at it.

unlock android device with trusted face

Note: Face-matching is less secure than a pattern, PIN or password, and someone who looks like you could unlock your phone.

Share Your Wi-Fi Network Credentials with Friends:

When someone wants to connect to the internet via your enabled hotspot, you are expected to provide the person your Wi-Fi password. Sharing a Wi-Fi password can be a real hassle, especially if it is very long and complicated.

To avoid going through the hassle of telling the your friend your Wi-Fi password, you can provide them with a QR code on your Android 10 OS powered device which they will have to scan before connecting to your device’s Wi-Fi hotspot network.

The QR code can be generated on your Android 10 OS powered device by navigating to Settings >>> Network >>> Wi-Fi.

Use Two Apps Simultaneously:

I once wrote about this feature which is only available devices running Android OS version 7.0 and above. If your device runs on 7.0 and above Android OS, then you will have the ability to run side-by-side apps or one above another.

To enable this feature and use two apps simultaneously;

  • Tap the Overview button (the square icon below the screen).
  • Hold on the App you want and drag either to the left or top of your device screen depending on where you see the message ‘drag here to use split screen‘.

Make Specific App Accessible While Phone is Locked:

This feature is very helpful especially when a friend needs to use an app on your phone but you do not want s/he to have access to other apps on the device. All you need to do is pin the app to the screen of the phone before locking the phone.

The pinning of screens is simple to set up. To do this, simply navigate to Settings >>> Security >>> Enable Screen Pinning. Once the function is turned, you can go ahead and launch the device that your friend want to use.

For a full guide on How to Enable Screen Pinning on an Android Device, click Here.


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