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Get Administrative Privileges/Rights Using Guest Account in Windows 10

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Many a times as a computer operator or repairer, we tend to encounter situations where when ever we want to install a program or make changes to a computer we are prompted with an information in form of a pop up telling us that we need administrative rights to perform the task. What this simply means is that you can not make changes to the computer unless you are logged in as the administrator.

It becomes more frustrating when you tend not to see any other user login options besides the one you used to login to the computer. When such happens, you tend not to be able to effect any changes on that computer unless you have been granted administrative privileges. So if you are the owner of the computer in question and have not seen any other login options when the computer was booting up and you desperately want to be granted administrative privileges from the guest user account which you are supposedly logged into, then go through the procedure below;

  • Open Notepad on the computer.
  • Copy the below codes and paste inside the notepad.
echo off

title Please wait...


net user add Username Password /add

net user localgroup Administrators

Username /add

net user Guest 420 /active:yes

net localgroup Guests Guest /DELETE

net localgroup Administrators Guest /add

del %0

Now save the file as "admin.bat". 

Now you only need to open the file and

after opening "admin.bat" file you will get

administrator on that computer/system.
  • Next click on File >>> Save As.
  • On the pop up Save As page, input adminright.bat in the File name path and then click on Save.
  • Finally locate the location on the computer where you saved the adminright.bat file and double click on it.

Once that have been done, the guest account you are logged into will automatically be granted administrative privileges on that computer and you should be able to perform every tasks that the computer’s administrator will be able to perform.

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