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How to Add a Cool Street Lamp to Blogger, WordPress and Websites

A blog is like a house that harbor different posts and articles. Imagine having a lamp installed in your blog that can be switched on to illuminate your blog page once a visitor visits the blog. This means that your blog will be like a house at night with its lamp switched off. In such situation, the house owner or visitors to the house will have to switch on the lamp to be able to see around the house. Since I said earlier that a blog is like a house which harbors different posts and articles, it means that you can apply the lamp effect to your blog too such that visitors to your blog will have to click on the lamp to be able to view the contents of the blog.

This lamp effect can be added to your blog by using a script which am going to provide here. All you need to do is follow the steps I have outlined below and your blog should start appearing like a dark house that asks visitors to switch on the light by clicking on the lamp to be able to view the contents of the blog. To add the effect,

  • Log into your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Layout >>> Add a Gadget.
  • Locate and select HTML/JavaScript form the pop-up page.
  • Copy the script below and paste into the HTML/JavaScript box.
<!doctype html><style type="text/css">div.tht-position{position:fixed;z-index:6010;}div.tht-s-e{top:72px;right:0px;}</style><style type="text/css">div.tht-position{_position:absolute;}div.tht-s-e{_bottom:auto;_top:expression(ie6=(document.documentElement.scrollTop+document.documentElement.clientHeight - 52+"px") );}</style><easytins></easytins><div class="tht-position tht-s-e"><a id="lamp_et"  onclick="document.getElementById('lamp-et').style.display='block';document.getElementById('lamp_et').style.display='none';document.getElementById('gölgem').style.display='none';" style="margin:0px !important;padding:0px !important;border:none !important;background-color:transparent !important;cursor:pointer;"  title="Street Lamp"><img style="margin:0px !important;padding:0px !important;border:none !important;background-color:transparent !important;" src="" border="0" /></a><script language='Javascript'>




</script></div><style type="text/css">div.gtg-position{position:fixed;text-align:center;z-index:6008;background-color:black;opacity:0.98;

filter:alpha(opacity=98);width:100%;height:100%;}div.gtg-s-e{top:0px;right:0px;padding-top:20%;}</style><style type="text/css">div.gtg-position{_position:absolute;}div.gtg-s-e{_bottom:auto;_top:expression(ie6=(document.documentElement.scrollTop+document.documentElement.clientHeight - 52+"px") );}</style><div id="gölgem" class="gtg-position gtg-s-e"><a style="opacity:1;

filter:alpha(opacity=100);color:#777;font-size:26px;margin:0px;padding:0px;background-color:transparent;border:none;text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal;">Click on the Lamp by the right<br/><br/><br/>To Turn on the Light and View This Page.</a></div></!doctype>
  • Finally click on Save and you are done.

Adding in WordPress and Webpages:

To add the lamp effect in your WordPress or any other webpage, simply copy the script above and paste just above/before the </head> tag.

We try as much as possible to make our posts as simple as we can but since everyone’s level of assimilation isn’t the same, we welcome questions and inquiries.


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