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How to Add a Print Button/Option to Blogger, WordPress and Webpages

Adding a print button to your webpage is one of the many features you can add to your webpage in order to make it very user friendly. Over the years as a web designer, I have come to realize that nothing beats a website which tries to meet up with the various expectations of users and visitors. You can make a webpage look very attractive but besides it beauty, there are so many other things which you can add to the webpage to make users keep coming back and spending more time on the webpage. This ultimately helps to reduce your sites bounce rate.

If you have been visiting Educative Helper, you must have noticed sometimes in the past that text copying was disabled thus making it impossible for visitors to copy text from the pages EXCEPT in situations where users have to copy a code to use on their own site. These option is not good for sites that offer information which are expected to be copied but if you feel you need to protect the site’s text from being copied, then you should try and add a print button to the sites so that users will be able to print the information they want. Besides the print button, you can also add a PDF convert button to your webpages so that users can just convert the webpage to PDF form for later use or transfer to another device without internet access. To learn to do so, just visit How to Add a PDF Convert Button to Blogger, WordPress and Webpage.

Today, I will be showing you guys how to add a print button to a webpage using a simple code. This print button when clicked on will bring up the print dialog pop-up box allowing users print out the page which they are on with ease. Just copy the code below and add to any part of your webpage where you want the button to appear.

<form> <input type=button value="Click to Print This Page!" onClick="javascript:window.print()"> </form>

For Blogger and WordPress users, you will have to switch to the HTML Editor before pasting the code in position on your post where you want the button to appear.

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