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How to Add a Voicemail Widget to a WordPress Site

When making phone calls, we are given the option to leave a message (voicemail) if the number we are calling isn’t reachable. Would it not be good to have this feature on your website? With this added to your website, your site visitors can easily leave you a voice message when ever you are not online to reply to their messages. If you are into rendering services which might prompt users to contact you once in a while, then this tutorial is for you.

Today i will be showing you guys how to add a voicemail widget to a WordPress Site. The plugin used is provided by SpeakPipe and you will be required to register on the site to get an Account ID which you will be required to input in the plugin.

To do this, simply follow the easy steps as outlined below;

  • Download the SpeakPipe plugin by clicking Here.
  • Once the plugin has been successfully downloaded, log into your WordPress admin panel.
  • Locate and click on “Plugins” of the sidebar menu, then click “Add New” on the Plugins page.

add voicemail widget in wordpress

  • Click “Upload” and choose the downloaded plugin file. Click “Install now“.

add voicemail widget in wordpress1

  • After the plugin is installed, click “Activate Plugin“.

add voicemail widget in wordpress3

  • Go to the SpeakPipe plugin Settings.

add voicemail widget in wordpress - speakpipe settings

  • Enter your SpeakPipe Account ID on the settings page.

add voicemail widget in wordpress - speakpipe account ID

  • Click “Save Changes”

Note: If you have any software or plugins for caching pages on your WordPress, you have to reset cache (otherwise your visitors will not see the SpeakPipe widget on your website)

  • Open your website’s main page and check that the SpeakPipe button appears on the middle-right side of the page. Click on it and try sending a voice message.
  • Go to your inbox and listen to your message.
  • Customize your widget: set sidebar button position, color, text in widget settings at https://www.speakpipe.com/account/settings/widget

I do hope this was helpful, if you want to add the voicemail widget to a Blogger powered website, then go ahead and read How to Add a Floating Voice Message Widget to Blogger.


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