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How to Add ads.txt File to Blogger

Ads.txt which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers is a simple, flexible and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. Basically, the mission of the ads.txt project according to Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab(IAB) is to help increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. If you want to get more ads appearing on your Blogger site, then you should consider adding the ads.txt file to Blogger. How to add ads.txt to Blogger: Adding the ads.txt file to a Blogger blog is very easy and all you need to do is follow the simple steps as I have outlined below;

  • First of all, sign into your Blogger dashboard if you have not already done so.
  • Select the blog you want to set up on ads.txt file on.
  • On the left panel of the blog’s admin interface, click on Settings.

ads txt

  • Under Settings, locate and click on Search Preferences.

ads txt1

  • Next scroll down the Search Preferences page to Monetization and click on Edit for Custom ads.txt as I have indicated in the image below.

ads txt2

  •  Select Yes radio button for the query “Enable custom ads.txt content?“.
  • Copy the lines of texts provided by your ads company and paste in the text box provided.
  • Finally click on Save Changes and you are done.

o view and verify that you have successfully added the ads.txt file to your Blogger blog, simply enter http://your blog address/ads.txt on your browser. For example, http://www.educativehelper.com/ads.txt is where i will go to if I want to view and confirm that I have successfully added ads.txt to my blog.



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