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How to Block YouTube Ads Using a Browser Command Code

I am an ardent user of YouTube which happens to be the world’s most popular video sharing website as of today. One of the things I tend to abhor when ever I want to watch a video on YouTube is the time I had to wait for an advert which the uploader or copyright holder have enabled, to finish. Although I do not have anything against this because it is one of the ways the uploader or copyright holder use in making his/her money from the said video. But in a situation where one doesn’t want to view such ads, the person can simply block the feature by using the simple script I am going to share with you guys today.

There are several methods of blocking this ads from appearing but this method is best since you wont have to install any extension or third party application to get it done. Note that for you to use any of such extension or third party application, you need to be using browsers which they were created for because they are different for different browsers. With the script I am going to share with you guys today, you can block YouTube ads when using any browser of your choice.

So to be able to block YouTube ads without installing any extension, plugin, add-ons or any other third party applications, simply follow the below steps;

  • Visit YouTube and search for any video you want to watch which has ads enabled and click on it to begin watching.
  • Open your browser’s console by right clicking anywhere on the YouTube page that doesn’t have a link.
  • Select Inspect Element from the pop-up that will appear.
  • A new half page will appear below the YouTube page.
  • Click on Console, copy the code snippet below and paste the inside the console.


  • Close the Console page and you will notice that the ads will stop appearing.

Hope that was helpful.


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