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How to Borrow Airtime/Credit From MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to make a very important call but realized you do not have enough credit or nothing at all in your phone? Well I know the feeling because I have been there before. Many of us happen to be among those category of people who work at locations where recharge cards are hardly available and so borrowing airtime from the networks we are using is definitely a life saver in situations where we must make that important call.

This should have happened to you before; you wake up in the middle of night and realize that you forgot to call that special somebody in your life. You pick up your phone and dial the person’s number only to get that annoying female voice that reminds you of how poor and hungry your mobile phone at the point in time is “You do not have sufficient credit to call this number”, “Your account balance is too low for the destination your calling” or something like “Your account balance is too low for this call, please load a recharge card. Thank You”. For people living in a high crime zone, going out at that time isn’t an option. This is why the major Network operators in Nigeria recently introduced a new package which allows you borrow airtime whenever you don’t have sufficient fund to call a particular number at a particular time, with the intention of paying back on your next recharge. All you simply need to do is dial any of the following, depending on the mobile network you are using;

For MTN Network

This service in MTN is tagged MTN Xtratime which you can use to borrow airtime from MTN by simply dialing the code *606# to check your eligibility for the service. Once your eligibility has been determined and verified, you get a 10% deduction for every amount you borrow i.e. if you intend borrowing N100, you will be given N90 but will have to pay back N100 when you recharge.

For Airtel Network

The tag name for this package on Airtel which was the first to introduce and implement the service here in Nigeria back in 2013 is Airtel Talktime. For your Airtel SIM to be eligible to borrow, it must be a prepaid SIM that has been in active use for more than 3 months, a minimum of 5 times recharge of the same recharge denomination you intend borrowing should have been made on the SIM within a period of one month . If your SIM meets this requirements and you wish to borrow airtime from Airtel, just dial any of the codes below depending on the amount you wish to borrow

To borrow ₦50, dial *500*50#

To borrow ₦100, dial *500*100#

To borrow ₦200, dial *500*200#

For ₦500, simply dial *500*500#

Borrowing From Globacom

It is kind of time consuming if you are a first timer trying to lend airtime from Glo. To use this service which is tagged Glo Borrow Me Credit, you need to first create a 4 digit PIN which you will be using anytime you want to borrow airtime from them. Creating the PIN is very easy and all you need to do is dial *321# and then enter the 4 digit numbers you wish to use as your PIN. Once that have been done, you can then be able to borrow airtime by dialing *321*PIN*AMOUNT#. Mind you, you will be charged 5% for every amount you borrow.

For 9Mobile:

If you want to borrow airtime from 9Mobile, simply dial *665# or dial *665*amount# using the 9Mobile SIM you wish to borrow the airtime with. When the above code is dialed, you can go ahead to borrow the airtime.

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