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How to Bypass Windows 10 Login Screen when Booting up the Computer

One lovely thing about computers is that we are always given an option to choose how we want it to behave. These options are called commands in a computer language and they simply tell the computer what to do and what not to do. There are lots of hidden Microsoft Windows computer commands but the problem is how to access them.

From everyday usage of my windows 10 PC, I get to learn new things. Let me share with you guys what I discovered today. Do you know that one can decide to bypass the Windows 10 login screen if he/she so desires? Well that is what I discovered some couple of hours ago. You can write a command using cmd.exe telling your Microsoft Windows 10 powered computer to take you straight to the start screen instead of first displaying the login screen for you to enter your password before accessing the start screen.

For some reasons, most computer users tend to find it frustrating when they have to patiently wait for their PC to boot only to get stuck at the login stage requesting for a password. It is a good thing to have a login screen at the start of your computer to prevent illegal access to your content and stuffs but for a home computer, I do not think that having a login screen is that necessary since the usage of the computer will just be by members of your family. So after the days job especially for a weekend break, you can reduce the time it takes to wait for your computer to reach the start screen by disabling the login screen. Well this can be changed by going through the easy guide I have compiled for you below.

Bypassing Microsoft Windows 10 Login Screen

  • From the start screen, press Win + R to bring up the run page.
  • Type in cmd in the field labeled open and hit Enter to go to Command Prompt.
  • In the Command Prompt page, input control userpassword2 and then hit Enter on the keyboard.


  • Alternatively, you can simply type in netplwiz in the run box and hit Enter to skip using cmd to get to the stage below.

user login hide4

  • In the page that will pop up, uncheck the box marked “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” then click on Apply.

user login hide1

  • Once you are done with that, you will be required to enter twice the password you normally enter when you reach the computer’s lock screen. Click on Ok when you have entered the correct password twice.

user login hide3

  • Finally click on Ok then Reboot your PC and you are done.

user login hide5

Note: If you have multiple user account on your PC, you need to click on the User’s account that you want to be using the computer without having to input a password before unchecking the box marked “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer”.


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