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How to Change a Song’s Album Cover Image

If you are a music lover like me, then you should know how annoying it is to be playing a song without an album cover image or with a different album image appearing in the background. For those of us who love to download songs online, you must have noticed that most of the songs have instead of the album cover image of the song, an image showcasing the website from which it was downloaded. This is sometimes very frustrating because it becomes very hard to figure out the names of other songs released alongside the song in an album.

I guess you must have been wondering how this website owners have managed to change the original album cover image to their own image without tampering with the quality of the song. Well this is a very easy thing to do because you don’t need to download any software to get it done since you will only be making use of Windows Media Player which comes embedded with every Microsoft Windows Operating System. So if you are using a PC that is powered by Microsoft Windows and you have the image you want to use in place of the album image, then follow the tutorial below to change the album cover image of any song to whatever image you want;

  • Open/Play the song you want to change its album image with Windows Media Player.
  • Now switch to Library View and search for the song in the library. If the song isn’t there, close Windows Media Player and play the song with Windows Media Player again. This time, you will see the song appearing in the library.
  • Once you have located the song, go back to the folder in your PC where you saved the image you want to use as the album image, Right-Click on it and select Copy.
  • Next go back to Windows Media Player library and Right-Click on the song’s album cover and select Paste album art.
  • Doing that will automatically change the song’s album art image as shown in the image below.Album Art3Note: The album art will be applied to every song listed under that album. If you want to change only the album art image of a specific song, then you will have to locate the song on the Media Player and change its cover image.


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