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How to Change Microsoft Edge Default Search Engine From Bing to Another

If your computer is running on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, then you must have noticed that the operating system came bundled with another browser besides the popular Internet Explorer found in the previous versions of Windows. The new browser which is referred to as the Microsoft Edge somehow to me is far off better than Internet Explorer which I find annoying at times. Probably one day, Microsoft might decide to drop Internet Explorer for the Microsoft Edge considering the fact that it is a little more promising and somehow more effective.

Have you used Microsoft Edge to search the web before? Microsoft Edge browser uses Bing as its default search engine, but it is possible to change that if you so wish. In this guide, I shall be showing you guys how to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge so that whenever you key in a search query, it opens in the search engine of your choice. Edge basically can use any search engine that supports OpenSearch as its default. So if you are interested in changing the Microsoft Edge default search engine to one you prefer, then follow the simple guide below;

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge Browser and enter the URL of the search engine you wish to make the default.
  • Once in the search engine’s homepage (interface), locate and click on the Microsoft Edge’s Menu button.

Microsoft Edge - Menu Button

  • From the drop down menu that will appear, select Settings as indicated in the image below.

Microsoft Edge - Settings

  • Scroll down the Settings panel to Advanced Settings and click on View Advanced Settings just as I have shown using the image below.

Microsoft Edge - Advanced Settings

  • Once the Advanced Settings panel opens, scroll down the panel to the option that reads “Search in the address bar with” and click on the drop down arrow button below it.

Microsoft Edge - Advanced Settings2

  • Next select <Add New> from the “Search in the address bar” drop down option.

Microsoft Edge - Advanced Settings (Add New)

  • If you have visited popular search engines before using this browser, you will notice that some of them are already in the Add New section of the “Search in the address bar” panel. Simply select the one you want to make the default search engine for Microsoft Edge from the list provided and then click on Set as Default just as I have pointed out in the image below.

Microsoft Edge - Advanced Settings (Search Engine)

  • If the search engine you want to make default for Microsoft Edge is not yet listed, just enter the search engines URL in Edge’s address bar. Once the search engines page opens, you should see it showing among the options of search engines to set as default.


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