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How to Copy Texts from a Protected Website Using Firefox

There are several ways via which website owners and administrators protect their site’s content from being copied but the most popular is the text copying. If you are a visitor to such website, you will be informed that text copying has been disabled or will only know that the feature has been added to the website if you are unable to highlight any text in the website.

To be able to copy any text from a website that has disabled text highlighting and copying, simply follow the steps below. Note that this guide is for only Mozilla Firefox users and can only be achieved with the help of a downloadable extension. For other browsers and methods of copying texts from protected websites, simply click on any of the topics below;

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Copy Texts from a Protected Website Using Firefox

This can only work on Mozilla Firefox since the extension to use is a Firefox extension. Follow the steps below if you have the Firefox browser installed on your computer.

absolute copy

  • On the pop-up that will appear, click on the Add button to add the extension to your browser. Note that doing so will give the extension permission to access your data for all websites and access browser tabs.

absolute copy2

  • After the extension has been successfully added to the Firefox browser, you will see its icon appearing by the top right corner of the browser’s interface.
  • To copy any text from a protected website, click on the Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy icon once in the page you want to copy text from.

absolute copy3

  • Next click on Enable Copy to enable text highlighting and copying from the website. Doing so, you will be able to copy any text from the website.

absolute copy4

Now you can highlight and copy any text from a website that has protected its contents. Note that the above procedure if followed and applied, will allow you copy and images too from any website that has disabled the right-click option.


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