How to Create a Restart Shortcut in a Microsoft Windows 10 Powered Computer


Constant usage of a computer makes you learn a lot about how it works. I can remember I once showed you guys How to Create a Shutdown Shortcut in a Windows 10 Powered Computer. Shutting down a Windows 10 powered PC using the default steps of clicking on the Windows Start Menu icon before locating the shutdown button can be a bit time consuming as compared to the steps taken in Windows 7 and 8 which is also a bit time consuming.

Today, I am bringing to you guys a simple guide on how to create a restart shortcut button on your Windows 10 PC which just requires users to double click on it to restart their computer. This guide is somehow the same as that for creating a shutdown shortcut but with a little change added. So if you read the tutorial on How to Create a Shutdown Shortcut on a Windows 10 PC, then this one will be very easy for you. All you need do is simply follow the instructions as I have outlined below;

Creating a Restart Shortcut on a Windows 10 PC

The steps are very easy but a little mistake can make the restart shortcut not work. So you need to follow the guide carefully, step by step;

  • Not on the Windows 10 desktop interface? Press Win Key + D to switch to the Desktop mode.
  • Once in the Desktop mode, right click anywhere and select New >>> Shortcut.
  • In the create shortcut window box, input shutdown /r and then click Next. This will give your PC a 30seconds default time to restart once the icon has been created and clicked on. If you want to extend or reduce this time, add /t xxx command to the end of shutdown /r i.e. shutdown /r /t xxx, where t represent time and xxx the specified time in seconds. So if you want your PC to restart after 10seconds, then what you should be adding to the “Type the location of the item” field will be shutdown /r /t 10 or shutdown /r /t 48 to make the PC restart after 48seconds. If you want to restart the PC immediately without any delay, then use shutdown /r /t 0.

Windows 10 restart shortcut

  • Give the shortcut a name, then click Finish. Since we are creating a Restart shortcut button, it is best we name it Restart to avoid confusion.

Windows 10 restart shortcut1

It is okay if you decide to stop at this stage but the shortcut button won’t look exactly like a Restart button at all because it will be caring a Windows shortcut default icon.

To make the icon have a Restart look, follow the steps below;

  • Right click on the Restart icon and select Properties.

Windows 10 restart shortcut2

  • Click on Change Icon.
  • A pop message will come up telling to choose an icon from a list. Click on Ok.
  • Search for an icon logo which best suits a Restart icon and click on it, then on the Ok button.

Windows 10 restart shortcut3

  • Now click on Apply and then Ok.

Windows 10 restart shortcut4

  • After doing that, the Restart Shortcut icon will then change to the one you selected and you can now restart the computer using the shortcut whenever you want.

Windows 10 restart shortcut5

Now depending on where you want to make the Restart Shortcut appear,

  • Pinning the Restart shortcut to the PC Task Bar:

    Right click on the restart shortcut button and select Pin to Taskbar.

  • Making the Restart shortcut to appear in the Windows 10 Start Menu:

    Right click on the restart shortcut and select Pin to Start.


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