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How to Delete Saved Username and Password In Firefox Browser

An Educative Helper user recently asked to be helped resolve an issue he has been encountering since after using a computer in a cafe to access his online banking account. His complaint was that after log out from the account when he was done with the transactions, he noticed that his login details (username and password) were still visible in the login form although the password was in asterisk. This means that anybody who uses the computer will be able to access his account by just clicking on the login button.

In response to this request, I decided to write a post about the issue since he might not be the only one that might have or in future encounter such problem. What actually causes this is that most times in the course of trying to login to one’s account (user dashboard), most modern browsers assumes that the user is accessing the webpage from his/her personal computer and thus decides to make things easy for the user by asking him/her to grant it permission to save the login details for future use (i.e. the browser will automatically fill in the username and password in to the login form whenever that webpage is visited on that computer). If the user grants the browser permission to do so, the browser automatically sees the login details and auto-fills the login form whenever that webpage is called up by any user using the computer.

If this is the problem you are encountering, and want your browser to stop auto-filling the login form then do the following. Note that the steps involved differs for different browsers. In this tutorial, I will be assuming you are using a Mozilla Firefox browser which I believe is one of the most popularly used internet browser today. But if that is not the case and you are using a different browser, then click on any of the browser name or logo below to be redirected to another page containing the steps for it.

  1. Chrome Browser
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Netscape

Deleting Saved Username and Password In Mozilla Firefox Browser

When you enter a username and password which Firefox hasn’t already stored for a website, it will ask if you want it to remember them. If you permit it to store the username and password by clicking on the “Remember Password” option, the browser will securely store the username and password for the website in the Firefox Password Manager and then automatically fill them for you the next time you visit that website.

If you have permitted Firefox to remember your password on a computer that is not your own and wish to delete the username and password from the list of stored password, then follow the steps below;

  • On the Firefox browser (Version 70.0.1) interface, click on the Menu Button.

Firefox username and password3

  • Locate and click on Logins and Password on the drop down menu that will appear.

Firefox username and password

  • On the Logins and Password page, scroll through to the page name (URL) you will want to remove/disable saved username and password on.
  • Finally click on Delete and you are done.

Firefox username and password2

With that done, you have simply removed the username and password from the Firefox Password Manager and so when ever the website requiring the username and password is visited by you or another user on that computer, the browser will not auto fill the login form.


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