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How to Easily Save WhatsApp Statuses (Photos and Videos)

Just like it is for one to easily post their status update on Facebook so it is now for one to update their status on WhatsApp. The good thing about Facebook status update is that it is possible for one to save the pictures and videos in this update unlike in WhatsApp where users are finding it difficult saving photos and videos used by their friends as status. This inability of users to directly download or save the status update photos and videos of their friends is as a result of the security measures put in place by the app’s owner(s). For the sake of privacy, this status updates are made available for only a period of 24 hours (probably one of the reasons why the download/save option has not been enabled for the feature).

As I always say, there is no difficult thing on earth that doesn’t have an easy approach. This is where Educative Helper comes in, to help you solve any issue that you might have been seeing as difficult. If you want to save the photos and videos which your friends have used in their WhatsApp status update, then follow the simple steps as I have outlined below;

There are two methods that I normally use when I want to download or save any of my friend’s WhatsApp status update (photo or video). Today I shall be showing you guys one of the methods which i believe is the easiest. If you want to use the other method, then you will need to see my post on Steps to Save a Friend’s WhatsApp Status Update (Photo & Video).

For the method i shall be showing you guys here, you will have to make use of the very popular File Manager (Explorer) android app found in majority of the android phones in the market today. If you don’t already have it installed in your phone, then you need not worry because I will include its download and installation in this tutorial. So if you don’t have the app installed in your phone, follow the steps below to download and install it before heading over to download or save your friends WhatsApp status update. For those of you who already have the app installed, you can just skip the download and installation process.

Download and Installation of File Manager (Explorer):

There are so many file managers (explorer) available for android users but I will be making use of the ES File Explorer to show you guys how to download/save a friends WhatsApp video/photo status update.

Saving / Downloading WhatsApp Status Photo or Video:

Now that you have installed a file manager (preferably ES File Explorer) on your device, let me explain how you can save/download your friends WhatsApp video/photo status update.

  • Open the installed file manager.

Note: All my image illustrations are that from ES File Explorer.

  • Now that the ES File Explorer is open, scroll down to Show Hidden Files and enable it by moving the button to the right.

ES File Explorer

  • Next tap/click on Internal Storage to open it just as shown in the image below.

ES File Explorer1

  • Locate and open the folder named WhatsApp.

ES File Explorer2

  • Next open Media folder as found inside the WhatsApp folder.

ES File Explorer3

  • You will notice that the folder named Statuses is somehow blurred. This is to show you that it is a hidden folder which was made visible when you turned on the Show Hidden Files option. Open the folder by tapping/clicking on it.

ES File Explorer4

  • Once the Statuses folder has been opened, you should see a list of all the photos and videos that has been used by your friends in their WhatsApp status update. To save any of them, tap/click and hold down on the one you want to save and then select copy or move to copy or move it to a specified folder of choice.

Note: It is possible to select multiple photos or videos from the statuses by tapping on each of them when one of the photos or video has been selected.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and helpful. For another method of saving photo or video statuses, check out my post on Steps to Save a Friend’s WhatsApp Status Update (Photo & Video). Please endeavor to share this with friends and family by using our social media sharing buttons as found just below this post.



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