How to Edit or Remove ColorMag WordPress Theme Footer Credit Text


The ColorMag WordPress theme which come in both free and paid version, is one among the most popular WordPress theme today. If one is using the free version, it is expected and required that the footer credit text be left as it is. Not removing or altering the footer credit text acts as a form of appreciation to the theme’s author. Editing or removing of the ColorMag footer credit text is not something i encourage and so will only refer to this guide as provided for only educational purposes.

The steps involved are very simple but as mentioned above, this article is for educational purpose only. To remove the colormag footer credit link;

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Once logged in, navigate to Appearance >>> Theme Editor.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover

  • Next click on ‘Inc.‘ in the Theme Editor page just as i have illustrated using the image below.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover3

  • Located and click on ‘functions.php‘ on the Theme Editor page.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover4

  • Click inside the code box and simultaneously press Ctrl + F to bring up the search box.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover5

  • Copy the text below and paste into the search box as provided when you simultaneously pressed Ctrl + F on your keyboard.


colormag wordpress theme footer text remover6

  • Hit the ‘Enter key‘ on your keyboard after you must have pasted the above text in the search box. Doing this will take you directly to where the text is found.
  • Once you have located the line containing the text as searched for above, delete or replace the text i highlighted in RED.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover7

You can also delete or edit any other text appearing in the footer section of theme.

  • Finally click on ‘Update File‘ and you are done.

colormag wordpress theme footer text remover8


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