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How to Enable or Disable Chrome’s Autofill on Android Devices

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Storing your login details and other information in Chrome and/or your Google Account isn’t as secure as using an encrypted password manager, but it’s at least convenient as long as you are the only one making use of the device. Since Android devices especially the native mobile ones (android powered phones) are mostly personal gadgets used by a single individual, then i will say that there might be no harm in deciding to save your personal details like logins in the device via the Chrome browser.

If that is the case and you have made up your mind to make your Android Chrome browser save your details for future use, then this guide is for you. When this feature is enabled in the browser, it is good to also enable the autofill feature so that while you are about filling in forms on any webpage, you will be given an option to tap on the autofill and have your details automatically entered for you into the required fields.

Below is a guide on how to enable or disable the Chrome browser’s autofill feature in your Android device;

  • Launch the Chrome browser and then go to chrome://flags by typing it in the browser’s address bar.
  • On the page that will appear after you have entered chrome://flags in the address bar, search for “Touch To Fill UI for Passwords”.
  • Tap on the drop down menu and set it to “enabled” or “disable” depending on what you want.
  • Finally restart the Chrome browser to apply the changes you just made.
With that done, whenever you are about to fill an internet form that requires your personal information which probably has been saved in the Chrome browser, a new window will pop up asking if you would like to pick an autofill assuming there are more than one saved. This can really come in handy especially when you use different passwords for different websites and find it difficult remembering all of them.

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