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How to Hard Reset An Infinix Hot-A88 Phone

Having to take your phone to a tech guy every time you have issues with your phone can be annoying considering the time and money you will have to waste in the process. Why undergo such stress when you can simply fix most issues at your own convenience and time without having to pay a dime to anyone?

I have come to realize that majority of the issues users face more while using their phones can be fixed just be hard resetting the phone. Unfortunately, most people do not know how this is done and so always rely on the services of “phone geniuses” to get it done at a given price. Today, I want to show you guys how to hard reset an Infinix hot-A88 without the need of any software or app. Basically, the process works for most Infinix phones with slight differences for newer model.

Hard Reset Infinix Hot-A88:

NOTE: Before proceeding, ensure you backup your files and document because they shall all be erased from the phone during the reset. If you have backed up your files then follow the steps below to manually reset your Infinix Hot-A88 phone;

  • Power off the phone.
  • Simultaneously hold down Volume Up + Power buttons Or Volume Down + Power button until the Android factory mode menu appears.
  • Select “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset” from the available options.
  • Once the task is complete, select “Reboot System Now” and patiently wait while the phone reboot after which you phone should appear as good as new.

If you are still having difficulty hard resetting your Infinix Hot-A88 or you want to hard reset another phone, kindly let me know via the comment box below.


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