Enabling HTTPS for Website Using Let’s Encrypt in Plesk


If you are viewing this page, then it means you are having issue setting up the HTTPS feature for your website using the Plesk control. In this tutorial, I shall show you guys how to enable the feature for your site and make the site not secure message stop appearing whenever users access your page.

Secure Site1

  • Login to your Plesk Control Panel
  • Click on Website & Domains if that is not the first page you see after accessing the panel.
  • On the Website & Domain page, locate and click on Let’s Encrypt.

Secure Site2

  • The above should take you to the Encryption page. If not, then you will get a warning message informing you that SSL/TLS support is disabled for your domain name.

Secure Site3

To resolve this,

  • Locate and click on Hosting Settings to enable the SSL/TLS support.

Secure Site4

  • Click on the check box for SSL/TLS and then on Apply to apply the change.

Secure Site5

  • Now click on Websites & Domain >>> Let’s Encrypt.

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  • On the Let’s Encrypt page, input your email address and then click on Install.

Secure Site6

  • Patiently wait as the installation completes and you are done.

Secure Site8


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