Enabling HTTPS for Website Using Let’s Encrypt in Plesk

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If you are viewing this page, then it means you are having issue setting up the HTTPS feature for your website using the Plesk control. In this tutorial, I shall show you guys how to enable the feature for your site and make the site not secure message stop appearing whenever users access your page.

Secure Site1

  • Login to your Plesk Control Panel
  • Click on Website & Domains if that is not the first page you see after accessing the panel.
  • On the Website & Domain page, locate and click on Let’s Encrypt.

Secure Site2

  • The above should take you to the Encryption page. If not, then you will get a warning message informing you that SSL/TLS support is disabled for your domain name.

Secure Site3

To resolve this,

  • Locate and click on Hosting Settings to enable the SSL/TLS support.

Secure Site4

  • Click on the check box for SSL/TLS and then on Apply to apply the change.

Secure Site5

  • Now click on Websites & Domain >>> Let’s Encrypt.

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  • On the Let’s Encrypt page, input your email address and then click on Install.

Secure Site6

  • Patiently wait as the installation completes and you are done.

Secure Site8

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