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How to Log Into Windows 10 Without a Keyboard Hardware

Presently having problem with your computer keyboard or is the computer not just recognizing the keyboard? This can really be frustrating especially when you are required to enter a password to access the Window’s desktop. If this is the issue and you are having problem with your computer keyboard but want to be able to enter your Windows password so as to gain access to your files and documents, then all you need to do is follow the step by step guide below which requires just the use of your mouse. For this guide, I will be showing you guys how to get into your Windows 10 powered computer without a keyboard hardware. Basically, the features on Windows operating system are mostly alike but the location of each of these features differs from one Windows to another.

How to Unlock a Computer Requesting for Administrator Password

So assuming and believing that your computer keyboard is faulty and you wish to log into your password protected Windows, here is how to go about entering the password. Although you will still need a keyboard in order to be able to enter the letters and numbers of the password, it is worth noting that all Microsoft Windows operating system has in built keyboard which can be used instead of the external keyboard hardware we normally use. Fortunately, Microsoft knowing how frustrating it can get if one wants to log into a password protected Windows operating system without a functioning keyboard, they made sure that users have access to the in-built keyboard just from the logon screen.

The steps below  will show you how to bring up the on-screen keyboard to use in entering your Windows password.

  • Switch on your computer as you normally do.
  • Once the logon screen appears, locate and click on the Ease of Access icon just as indicated in the image below.

Windows Logon Screen keyboard

  • On the new menu list that will appear, select on-screen keyboard.
  • Now using your mouse, enter your Windows password by selecting it from the on-screen keyboard that will pop-up.

Windows Logon Screen keyboard

That’s it. You can now log into your Windows 10 operating system without the need of a keyboard hardware.



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