How to Mute a Twitter User That You Follow


Some couple of months back, I posted on How to Unfollow Many Twitter Users at Once Using Twitter Mass Unfollow Script. I could remember placing Twitter users into four categories: The one sided Tweeps, The Noisy or Quite Tweeps, Ghost Tweeps (Spammers), and the Real Tweeps. I told you guys that the worst types of Twitter users to follow are the first three as I have categorized. The tutorial was basically about how one can unfollow all this unwanted followed Tweeps at once in a situation where he/she have reached the maximum 5000 Tweepers as specified by Twitter.

If you have not reached the maximum and do not want to unfollow any of the Tweepers in the first three categories of tweepers as I have placed them but want to stop seeing their tweets, then you can hide them by using the new account feature called MUTE which was announced by Twitter on their blog. This feature was made available to people who are using the iPhone and Android Twitter apps and also the users. Mute gives a user more control over the content he or she see on #Twitter by letting them remove a user’s content from key parts of their Twitter experience. You can find more information about this on Twitter.

There are basically two methods via which you can hide/mute a user’s tweet. Just follow any of the methods as outlined below;

Mute/Hide From a Profile

To hide a tweet using this method,

  • Visit the profile page of the user you wish to mute.
  • On the profile page, locate and click on the three dots.

mute tweeps

  • Select Mute from the drop-down menu that will appear and you are done.

mute tweep

  • To un-mute the user, simply follow the steps above and then click on the unmute which must have been enabled when you selected Mute from the drop-down menu.

unmute tweep

Mute/Hide From a Tweet on Twitter iOS and Android Apps

This is another alternative used to mute a user. To mute using this process,

  • Click on any tweet from the user.
  • Locate and the three dots at the bottom-right corner of the tweet.
  • Select Mute and then confirm to enable MUTE.

Note that even when you mute a user, their previous tweets will still be visible on your timeline. Only tweets starting the day you enabled the MUTE feature will be hidden.

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