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How to Mute Irrelevant and Annoying Email Conversations on Gmail

I find it very annoying seeing irrelevant mails in my inbox and considering the fact that some of this mails just keeps coming without an option to unsubscribe or opt-out is what makes it more annoying. I have severally in the past entered my email id in forms which I never knew were created by spammers only to start seeing all manner of mails coming into my mailbox.

Although some of this mailers have an opt-out or unsubscribe link which when clicked on, automatically removes the said email id from their mailing list, many do not give users this flexibility which eventually started making the Gmail’s mute button for people who are using Google mail service very popular. In this guide, I shall be showing you guys how to mute any conversations or mails you find annoying in your Gmail inbox. Doing this doesn’t not necessarily mean that you will stop receiving mails from the said sender, in fact you will still get the same in flow of mails from the sender but this time, you won’t be able to see the mails because you have put them on mute.

To mute irrelevant emails as a Gmail user, simply follow the easy guide below;

  •  Locate the email you want to mute and select it by clicking on the checkbox by the left of it just as I have indicated in the image below.

Gmail Mute Mail

  • Next click on the More drop down button.

Gmail Mute - click on more

  • Finally select Mute from the drop down button list and that is it.

Gmail Mute - select mute

  • Once that is done, you should now notice that the mail is no longer visible in your inbox because you have chosen to mute it.

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  • To unmute an email, simply enter is:muted in the Gmail search box, click on the search button and repeat the steps above but this time when you get to the drop down list you shall see unmute instead of mute. Just click on the unmute to begin seeing mails from that email id again.

Gmail Mute - is:muted

What is your take on this feature? Are there better ways to stop receiving irrelevant and annoying mail conversation from senders who has no opt-out option for users to stop receiving mails from them?


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