How to Replace “Post A Comment” With An Image/Text in Blogger


Comments are one of the best ways to showcase how important and useful a blog post is. Users tend to use this medium (comments) to ask questions relating to the said post they are accessing or in most cases express their gratitude to the author of the post for providing them with the information. To draw users attention to the comment section, it is very necessary that you as a blog owner and author add a very attractive/catchy heading i.e. replace the “Post A Comment” text with an image that looks very attractive and eye catching.

In this post, I have taken time to design some attractive eye catching images which I will be showing you how to add to your Blogger blog so as to replace the default “Post A Comment” text. To replace the “Post A Comment” text in your Blogger blog with an attractive eye catching image, simply follow the easy steps below;

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template >>> Edit HTML.
  • Click anywhere inside the Edit HTML page and with the help of Ctrl + F, search for the below line of code
  • You are likely going to find two of the <data:postCommentMsg/> in your Blogger blog’s template when you search for it.
  • The <data:postCommentMsg/> we are going to be replacing is the second one as I have indicated in the below image.

Post Comment Msg

  • Once you have located this line of code, replace it with any of the ones shown below the Leave a Comment images as i have provided below depending on the one you like to use on your blog.

<img alt='Comment here' border='0' src=''/>

<img alt='Comment here' border='0' src=''/>

<img alt='Comment here' border='0' src=''/>

<img alt='Comment here' border='0' src=''/>
  • Finally click on Save Template and you are done.

Once you have clicked on the Save Template, simply go to your blog to confirm that the “Post A Comment” text has been replaced with any of the images as i have provided above.


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