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How to Select Audience that can see Your Facebook Updates

There are people who really value the type of information they share on Facebook and sometimes, want such information to be viewed by some select individuals. Facebook understanding and much like reading the minds of its users created a feature which allows one select an audience that can view their status updates. This means that when you decide to enable this feature, your posts and status updates will only be seen by those you choose. Do you like this feature and want to enable it? Follow the guide below to enable it whenever you are posting something on your Facebook account to keep off those you don’t want seeing your posts from viewing them.

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  • Enter the post as you normally do into the space provided for it.
  • Once done writing, click on the drop down for “who should see this?”. By default, the Public option is selected meaning that what you shall see instead of the “who should see this?” is Public. Just click on it.

facebook who sees update

  • Next you shall get a list of options appearing on the drop down. Pick the group of people that should be able to see and view what you are about to post.

facebook who sees update1

  • Finally click on Post and you are done.

facebook who sees update2

Note: You can change the selected audience whenever you want to post again. Once you have selected an audience, that audience remains selected until you decide to change it. This means that if you post when the audience is selected on Public, you will have to change it again if you don’t want the public seeing your post.


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