How to Show or Reveal Passwords Hidden with Asterisk in Websites


Before I begin, you should know that the trick am about to show you is for educational purpose only and should not be used for any criminal activity. Educative Helper cannot be held accountable for any misuse of information found on this tutorial as has been specified in our Disclaimer.

I could remember that when writing about Facebook Self – Censorship, I told you guys how Gmail normally captures the word we type while composing a message and saves them as draft in case we decide not send them. The same way, most of the popular browsers have incorporated this feature so as to help us remember the websites we have visited in the past. Besides automatically saving the website’s address we visit, these browsers usually gives us an option to save our log in details (username and password) so we don’t have to input them whenever we get to such log in page again. Most times we tend to forget our passwords since the browsers always provide it for us when we want to log into a website that requires it (i.e. if in the past we allowed the browser to save our log in details).

If you are used to visiting websites which require that you provide a username and password before you can access its content and or features, you should have noticed that while inputting your password in the password field, the alphabets will be represented by asterisks. Same way if the browsers are to automatically fill this in for us, the password field will still be in asterisks. What then happens if you have gotten too use to your browser automatically entering your password for you and so have forgotten it? Well if this happens, you won’t be able to log in into that website on another computer or browser since you have forgotten your password.

For this reason, I have compiled this tutorial to help you reveal or show that asterisked password which your browser helps you input when you visit any website that requires you enter the password (i.e. only if you accepted at any point in time that the browser should save your log in details). By following this tutorial, you won’t need to go through the stress of recovering or requesting for a password change by clicking on “Forgot your Password” link found on the login section of most websites. So to reveal or show your asterisked password whenever you visit that website that require you to login, follow the step by step guide below;

Using Browser Developer Options to Reveal Passwords Hidden with Asterisks

This is a bit difficult but is among the best method to reveal your asterisked password texts.

  • Go to the website that usually auto fills your password for you (i will be using Sociend login page for the image illustration).
  • Right click inside the box for password containing the password in asterisks and select ‘Inspect element‘ from the drop down list.

password revealer for websites 1

  • Some sets of codes will be shown at the bottom section of your browser. We shall be focused only on the part highlighted in blue.

password revealer for websites 2

  • Now search for the following inside the highlighted line of codes type=”password”.

password revealer for websites5

  • When you locate that, double click on it to change it to whatever you want.
  • Replace the “password” with “text” i.e. change type=”password” to type=”text”.

password revealer for websites6

  • Once that is done, click anywhere in the webpage and you will see the asterisk in the password box disappear automatically revealing the password.

password revealer for websites7

Note: This trick could be accessed and used by anyone. So make sure you do not click on “Remember password” whenever you are entering your password on a website page while using a public computer to avoid unauthorized access to your account by strangers.


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