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How to Stop/Cancel an Ongoing Download On Android Device

Earlier today, I got a message from a friend asking of how he can stop an ongoing download on his Android device which is refusing to stop. Well, I myself have encountered such problem in the past and had to try several methods until I finally found a solution that works. So today I am going to share with you guys how to stop an ongoing download in an Android device that is refusing to stop.

There are two solutions to this, which solely depends on where the download is coming from. As you all know, Android Apps can be downloaded in two ways;

  • Directly from the browser, and
  • From Play Store

The solutions to stopping an ongoing download in an Android powered mobile device I am going to provide here will be sectioned accordingly based on where the download is coming from.

Downloads Coming From The Android Device’s Browser:

I believe that most downloads which Android users tend to download using their device browser are at times not from Google Play Store. If this is the case, and your download happens to hang/stop while still downloading, or it is refusing to stop after trying to stop it, then do the following

  • Go to the browser’s download if you have already exited from it.
  • Locate the App that is refusing to stop and Long Press on it.
  • Select Delete to delete it.
  • Once that is done, the App will disappear and its download will stop.

Downloads Coming From Play Store:

Major complaints about this problem arises from users who normally download Apps from Play Store since there is no option to Long Press and delete the App. Most often it happens when users are using a fluctuating or weak internet connection. Immediately the download is interrupted, most times stopping and removing unfinished App download becomes a problem. To solve this issue,

  • Go to Settings >>> Apps.
  • Navigate to All.
  • Scroll down to Download Manager and tap or click on it.
  • Next tap on Force Stop.
  • Once the Download Manager has been stopped, tap or click on Clear Data.

Clearing data simply erases all traces of the download thus leaving your Download Manager fresh. If you just Force Stop the Download Manager without clearing data, the download will still surface back.

I hope that was helpful. Having any challenge with your Android device? Feel free to ask for my assistance.


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