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How to Stop or Moderate Comments on Facebook Live Video

It’s really fun watching live footage of friends and family on Facebook. The only turn off is the floating reactions that run over just about every stream. I have run into this messy but awesome feature countless of times and I must say that having an interactive feature is great, but not so much when one is trying to have a complete view without any intrusive text(s) and emojis popping out from the bottom of the screen.

Stop Comments While a Streaming Facebook Live Video Broadcast

So here is a simple thing to do when you are streaming a live video on Facebook and you have the floating reactions running over. All you need to do is swipe right on the screen. Comments, likes and other reactions will be disabled and you can peacefully watch the video without any annoying comments or emojis clouding your screen.

If you are the broadcaster, it is so unfortunate that as of the time of this posting, Facebook does not allow disabling of comments. In as much as you are not given an option to disable comments for live broadcast, you have an option to moderate the comments.

How to Moderate Comments When Broadcasting Live on Facebook

Once you have initiated a stream in Live Producer if you’re using a connected camera and encoder, you should be able moderate comments. Once a stream is initiated, the left-hand column will display your live post’s comments, giving you the ability to moderate the discussion while also monitoring the live stream.

A drop-down menu lets you apply the following settings to more easily manage comments:

Facebook Live Comment Moderation

  • Slow: Commenters can only comment once every ten seconds.
  • Discussion: Your chat will only show comments of at least 100 characters.
  • Follower: Only your followers can comment.
  • Restricted: Viewers must have accounts that are at least two weeks old to comment.
  • Protected: Commenters must have followed you for at least 15 minutes.

Note: There is no possible way as the time of this posting to totally disable comment when broadcasting on Facebook live.


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