How to Stop or Turn Off Video Autoplay on Twitter


Twitter’s video tweets by default works in a manner that whenever users scroll to the video, the video will automatically begin to play. For users who are trying to minimize data cost, it is necessary not to stream or watch videos online. So if Twitter videos starts playing immediately you get to them, then it means that your data bundle won’t really last long. This feature was put in place with the believe that users are accessing the Twitter site via a Wi-Fi and not through a metered connection.

In order to be able to prevent Twitter videos from playing automatically when you scroll to them, simply follow the procedure below;

  • Log into your Twitter account if you are not already logged in.
  • Click on your Profile Picture which is found at the top right corner of your Twitter page.

Twitter video stop1

  • Locate and click on Settings and Privacy from the drop down menu that appears after clicking on your Profile Picture.

Twitter video stop2

  • Scroll down to Content on the new page that will appear and uncheck Video Autoplay.

Twitter video stop3

  • Click on Save Changes to apply the changes you have made to stops the video tweets from auto-playing whenever you scroll to them.

Twitter video stop4

  • Enter your Twitter login password to confirm that you are the one making the changes and then finally click on Save Changes to apply the changes to your account as shown in the mage below.

Twitter video stop5

  • By so doing, you will get a message like the one shown in the image below informing you that your settings have been saved.

Twitter video stop6

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