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How to Transfer Blogger Blog’s Ownership to Another User

Previously, I posted on Easiest Way to Make Money as a Blogger Without Publishing Ads. The method outlined in that post is just one of the best ways to make money blogging without the need of applying to an Ad network or website. At the end of that post, I can remember mentioning that the it is very necessary to learn How to Transfer Blogger Blog’s Ownership to Another User to give the other user full control and access to the blog.

Well there are several reasons why a blog owner will want to transfer the ownership of the blog to another user but since it is not the reason behind my writing of his post, I will only be showing you guys how you can transfer a Blogger blog’s ownership to another user. If you want to transfer your blog’s administrative privileges to another user but do not know how to do so, then here is a guide on how you will be able to do it without any stress;

  • For the sake of easy understanding, let the blog you want to transfer its ownership be called BLOG 1.
  • Open two browsers (maybe Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) or use two computers.
  • Login to the Blogger dashboard of BLOG 1 on the Google Chrome browser or on the first computer.
  • Now invite the user you want to transfer the blog’s ownership to, to become an Author on the blog.
  • Next, login to the account of the user you want to transfer BLOG 1 ownership to his/her Gmail account on the Mozilla Firefox or on the second computer so as to accept the invitation.
  • Go back to the Blogger dashboard of BLOG 1 and make the user Admin.

With that done, you have simply transferred the ownership of BLOG 1 to another user. The user can now remove you as the Author and Admin of BLOG 1. This guide is a bit too sketchy which is why i have another related tutorial titled How to Grant A User Admin Rights Over a Blogger Blog. Click on the link to go to its page.


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