How to Unfollow Many Twitter Users at Once Using Twitter Mass Unfollow Script


There is something very funny about Twitter and its users that I really don’t understand. Why follow people simply because they are following you? Just a couple of months on twitter and I have come to place twitter users into four categories:

Types of Twitter Users (Tweeps)

The One sided Tweeps:

This group consist of people who simply don’t follow you back when you follow them. They tend to just want to accumulate followers or just don’t have the time to follow back.

The Noisy or Quite Tweeps:

This group of people either tweet too much or too less. Those that tweet too much might actually not be tweeting about anything interesting thus filling your entire twitter timeline with junk of uninteresting tweets. While the quite ones are just occupying your friend list which has a maximum of 2000 by either having quit Twitter or have not bothered to write a single tweet at all.

Ghost Tweeps (Spammers):

Those that I grouped here don’t have an image added to their profile and thus are more likely to be spammers. People who follow such tweeps might be prone to seeing malicious tweets on their timeline without actually knowing where it is coming from.

The Real Tweeps:

Yes! Tweeps who fall under this category are those I call the actual tweeters. This group of people have tweets which are always very informative. You tend to gain a lot from their tweets as they know when to tweet and when not to, giving you the right information at the right time.

Imagine that you are following only the first three categories of Twitter users as I have categorized above. How boring can that get? The frustrating part of it is that Twitter only allows you to follow a maximum of 5000 tweeps and so when you decide to follow the Real Users and have reached the 5000 maximum, the only option you have is to unfollow some of the tweeps you are already following. What then happens when you decide to unfollow all your tweeps and start the following thing afresh. I guess what comes to your mind is “ I simply unfollow each tweep one after another till I reach the 5000th tweep”.

Unfollowing tweeps one after another is a very long process and you might get tired along the way and decide to stop. This is why I want to show you a simple way to do a mass unfollow using a script which I am going to provide here. When you are ready, use the steps I have put together below;

How to Use the Twitter Mass Unfollow Script


  • Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome) and enter the following into the address bar You will be prompted to sign in if you have not already signed in.
  • Right Click anywhere on your page and select Inspect Element

Twitter mass unfollow - Inspect Element

  • Go to Console

Twitter Inspect Element-console

  • Copy any of the script below and paste in the console section
$(".following button:eq
());else t.trigger


$(document).height());}else{ console.log(t.attr
("class")); t.trigger("click");}},100)

Twitter Inspect Element-console-code paste

  • Once you paste the code snippet, you might be prompted with a message which reads “Scam Warning: Take care when pasting things you don’t understand. This could allow attackers to steal your identity or take control of your computer. Please type ‘allow pasting’ below (no need to press enter) to allow pasting.” Simply type ‘allow pasting’ without the quote and paste the code snippet above again before hitting enter on your keyboard.
  • Patiently wait for the process to complete. The process may take time depending on the number of tweeps you are following.

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