How to Unlock a Computer Requesting for Administrator Password


Before I begin, it is important to point out that there is a difference between an Administrator password and an Operating System (User) password. The Administrator password which is set in the bios section of the computer prevents access to all section of the computer including the bios section itself  i.e. it is the first screen you get once you power on your computer which helps to completely lock users out of the computer. The Operating System (User) password on the other hand only prevents users from gaining access to the installed operating system and all the programs and files in it i.e. you can have access to the bios section of the computer but you can’t gain access to the Operating System and files stored within it. If you have been locked out of your computer because you have forgotten the administrator password which was set in the bios section of the computer, then this is what you need to do to gain access to the computer again.

Note that if you decide to follow the steps below to gain access to the computer if you have forgotten the administrator password, all your files and applications will be lost once you have disabled the administrator password. If you don’t mind losing all your installed applications and files, then you can proceed with the instructions below;

Removing Computer’s Administrator Password

  • Power on your computer and when the password screen appears, keep entering the different passwords until you are you are provided with a system disabled code. Copy the code that will be provided in the message.
  • On another computer or device that has access to the internet, visit and enter the system disabled code in the box provided just as shown using the image below and then click on Get Password. Power on your computer and then enter the password you got after entering the system disabled code at as I have stated above.

Bios Password

  • Now go ahead to re-install your Operating System if it fails to come up. It is possible many a times that you might still have access to your installed applications and files after using the above procedure to unlock your computer, but the possibility is very slim.

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