Get Loans Easily Without Collateral From Kwikmoney (Kwikcash)


Kwikmoney formerly known as Kwikcash is an instant loan service provided by banks, mobile network operators, and technology companies on a mission to make personal banking services convenient and accessible to all Nigerians.

Whether you need working capital for your small business or need to handle a family emergency, kwikmoney lets you get an instant loan of up to ₦500,000 direct to your bank account. Typically the loan tenor is 14-30 days, with interest rate between 5% and 15%. As you take loans and pay back, the system trusts you more, offering you higher amounts each time. No collateral, no documentation, no stress.
To apply for loan, all you need to do is follow the steps below. There are basically two methods;

Using USSD Code:

You can apply for a loan from Kwikmoney using USSD by dialing *561# and then follow the screen prompt. This option works on all mobile device and does not require an internet connection.

This option is basically the simplest way to apply for the loan on the Kwikmoney platform since loan can be applied for from any location with or without any internet connection.

Via Kwikmoney Website:

Sometimes we might experience network issue while trying to get a loan from Kwikmoney using the above USSD code. This is where the use of their website comes in. To get a loan using the Kwikmoney website, simply visit and then click on “Click Here to Apply“.

kwikmoney loan apply

Enter the required information at each stage to to continue. Note that if you want your loan application to be accepted immediately, you have to provide a mobile number that you constantly make and receive calls with.


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