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Microsoft to Add a Web Search Sidebar to its Edge Browser

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Microsoft announced today May 19, 2020 at Build 2020 that its browser, the Microsoft Edged, will soon get a sidebar search feature which will make web searches easy even better-especially on wider screens.

This feature which is somewhat similar to the ‘search the web‘ option we already have will be accessible by highlighting one or more words on a page and then right-clicking on them as usual. In addition to the normal ‘search the web‘ option, you will see a ‘search in sidebar‘ option. Click it and the search results will show up in a sidebar panel on the same page you are in on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Once this awesome feature has been integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser, you will be able to view the search term without leaving your current webpage, seeing bot the webpage you searched from and the search results on the screen at the same time.

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