Steps to Create a Chrome Browser Restart Tab (shortcut button)


The Chrome browser has lots of hidden features which happens to be useful in so many ways. One of such feature is the restart option which automatically restarts and restores the browser tabs that were open before the browser was restarted. Isn’t this awesome? Unlike the usually manual way we are used to restarting browsers, you can just create a shortcut button in Chrome so that whenever you click on it, the browser will automatically restart itself with the opened page tabs before the browser was restarted, restored.

Basically, to restart the Chrome browser, all you need to do type in chrome://restart in the browser’s address bar and hit enter. This will automatically restart the browser by closing and re-opening it. To avoid typing in chrome://restart into the address bar whenever you want to restart the browser, you can just create a shortcut button which if clicked on, automatically restarts the browser. To create the shortcut link, simply follow the easy step below;

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  • While in the chrome browser interface, simultaneously press Ctlr + D on your computer keyboard.
  • Once the keys as specified above are pressed, the Chrome’s bookmark box will open. Click on the Edit button just as I have shown via the image below.

Chrome restart - Edit

  • Next enter the name you want to give the new tab (shortcut button). Preferably, I will say you name it Restart Chrome for easy recognition. Then change the newtab in chrome://newtab to restart such that instead of chrome://newtab appearing, you have chrome://restart in the URL bar.

Chrome restart - URL

  • Finally click on Save and you done.

Chrome restart - Save

  • If you followed the above steps properly, then you should see a tab named Restart Chrome appearing in the Chrome browser’s interface. Whenever you wish to restart the Chrome browser and don’t want to close opened browser tabs, simply click on the Restart Chrome button.

Chrome restart - tab

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