Steps to Prevent Blog’s Content From Being Copied


The problem of plagiarism has become a major concern for bloggers lately. I think it is very annoying for you to have spent several hours compiling a blog post just for someone from nowhere without your permission to copy your content and publish on his/her own blog. It gets more annoying when the so called content thief’s blog appear above yours on search engines when users search for topics related to the content. Several measures have been put in place by Google and other Search Engine giants to checkmate this acts but it seems none have been reported to be effective as everyday more case of plagiarism keeps surfacing.

As bloggers, especially those in the entertainment niche, it is left to us to take proper action to make sure our blog contents are protected and safe. I could remember I once showed you guys How to Disable Right Click Option on Specific Blogger Posts which I said is an important feature to add to an entertainment blog to help fight against plagiarism as it prevents content thieves from copying texts easily from the blog. The truth is that there is absolutely no trusted 100% working way to stop content thieves from taking the information they want from our blog but there are measures you can take to make sure the rate at which your content are stolen is reduced. I have taken time to break down these measures into four and believe you would find them helpful as others have.

Use Image as Post

This has been regarded as one of the safest means of preventing your blog’s content from being stolen. To apply this, you simply compose your post as usual and then publish. Take a screen shot of the published post and go back to the post’s compose page. Erase the whole post and upload the screen shot of the post you took earlier and republish or update. With this done, your readers will be seeing an image instead of the usual text content which they can easily highlight, copy and paste on their blog.

The problem with this is that since Google and other search engine can’t read text on an image your blog for sure won’t be ranked high by any of them. So this should only be used in situations where the blog is a personal one that you don’t care if it get recognized by search engines or not.

Disable the Right Click Option on Images

Several blog images and texts too have been stolen using this method by the thief simply right clicking on the image he/she wants to steal and then selecting Save Image As, Copy Image URL or just Copy Image. I have written a guide on how to protect your blog images by Disabling Right Click Option on Images. The guide help you add a script to your blog’s HTML head section which simply pops up a context telling the user that the image has been protected by you and is not available for copying.

Just go through the guide and you should be able to protect your images from being copied without your permission.

Use Watermarks on Images

You should have seen this on most entertainment blogs where the blog’s administrator simply writes in a faint ink, the name of the blog or it’s URL on the images he posts. For long now, it has been the best practice employed by most Bloggers to deter image thieves from copying images on a blog and using on their own blog. Although there are applications and software which have the capability of removing watermarks left on an image, I think an image thief would rather prefer to create his/her own considering the time it will take to remove the watermark.

To add watermarks to your image before publishing on your blog, you can use some of the popular photo editing software like Photoshop, Gimp, PicMonkey, etc. These are great software applications that will help you add that perfect watermark to your blog images.

Disable Text Selection/Copying on Your Blog

Disabling text selection and copying should only be done on a entertainment blog where there are no intention of sharing any part of the blog’s content. In a situation where you run a blog in the Tech niche that provide codes for users to use on their blog, I will sadly advice you never to consider this as an option of preventing your blog’s content from being stolen because it will mean that users wont be able to have access to the codes which you made available to them via your blog. If your blog is in the entertainment niche or any other niche that does not require users to copy one code or the other, go through this guide Disabling Text Selection/Copying On Blogger Posts.

Change RSS Feed Settings for Your Blog

If you have applied all the necessary steps needed to protect your blogs content but have neglected this, then all your effort have been in vain. When a user subscribes to your blog’s RSS feed, by default all the feed they should be getting is your full blog post including the images which s/he could simply copy and use on their blog. What you need to do is to shorten your blog feed. You can learn how to do so by checking out this guide How to Shorten your Blog’s RSS Feed for Every Post.

Add Attribution or Link Back Script to Your Blog Page

This is a good way of telling people that a specific text was copied from your blog because it will contain an attribution linking back to your blog. It is not only a good way of preventing content thieves from stealing your blog’s content but also an excellent SEO tool. Using the script on your blog is like creating a link back option for your blog. For a guide on how to use and add the script to your blog, read through this tutorial How to Add a Read More Attribution link to Every Copied Text in Blogger.

There are several other methods you can apply to make sure your blog’s content are protected against theft but the above methods as I have outlined are the easiest which does not require a third party help like, Google authorship and If there are any known working methods that can be used to protect a blog’s content from theft, please feel free to let us know by using the comment box below this post.


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