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Unicode to Add Currency Signs/Symbols in a Microsoft Word Document

Here are all the unicode to use when adding a currency sign or symbol to a Microsoft Word document.

For you to have found this page, it means you are having trouble inserting your country’s currency symbol in a Microsoft Word document. To use or insert any of the currency symbols as I have listed in the table below, make use of the Unicode in the table below.

There is another alternative method to achieve similar result but it will require that you download and install a software on your computer. If you do not mind downloading and installing third party applications and software on your computer then simply click on How to Add any Currency (Money) Symbol in MS Word Document to learn how.

Currency Symbols And Their Unicode:

The table below shows the Unicode of some selected country’s currency symbol. These Unicode can be used to get the exact currency symbol for a country by simply entering the code into the Microsoft document interface and simultaneously pressing the ALT + X keyboard keys just immediately after the code without a space.

Albania Lek Lek 4c, 65, 6b
Afghanistan Afghani ؋ 60b
Argentina Peso $ 24
Aruba Guilder ƒ 192
Australia Dollar $ 24
Azerbaijan Manat 20bc
Bahamas Dollar $ 24
Barbados Dollar $ 24
Belarus Ruble Br 42, 72
Belize Dollar BZ$ 42, 5a, 24
Bermuda Dollar $ 24
Bolivia Bolíviano $b 24, 62
Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark KM 4b, 4d
Botswana Pula P 50
Brazil Real R$ 52, 24
Brunei Darussalam Dollar $ 24
Bulgaria Lev лв 43b, 432
Cambodia Riel 17db
Canada Dollar $ 24
Cayman Islands Dollar $ 24
Chile Peso $ 24
China Yuan Renminbi ¥ a5
Colombia Peso $ 24
Costa Rica Colon 20a1
Croatia Kuna kn 6b, 6e
Cuba Peso 20b1
Czech Republic Koruna 4b, 10d
Denmark Krone kr 6b, 72
Dominican Republic Peso RD$ 52, 44, 24
East Caribbean Dollar $ 24
Egypt Pound £ a3
El Salvador Colon $ 24
Fiji Dollar 20ac
Ghana Cedi ¢ a2
Gibraltar Pound £ a3
Guatemala Quetzal Q 51
Guernsey Pound £ a3
Guyana Dollar $ 24
Honduras Lempira L 4c
Hong Kong Dollar $ 24
Hungary Forint Ft 46, 74
Iceland Krona kr 6b, 72
India Rupee
Indonesia Rupiah Rp 52, 70
Iran Rial fdfc
Isle of Man Pound £ a3
Israel Shekel 20aa
Jamaica Dollar J$ 4a, 24
Japan Yen ¥ a5
Jersey Pound £ a3
Kazakhstan Tenge лв 43b, 432
North Korea Won 20a9
South Korea Won 20a9
Kyrgystan Som лв 43b, 432
Laos Kip 20ad
Lebanon Pound £ a3
Liberia Dollar $ 24
Macedonia Denar ден 434, 435, 43d
Malaysia Ringgit RM 52, 4d
Mauritius Rupee 20a8
Mexico Peso $ 24
Mongolia Tughrik 20ae
Mozambique Metical MT 4d, 54
Namibia Dollar $ 24
Nepal Rupee 20a8
Netherlands Guilder ƒ 192
New Zealand Dollar $ 24
Nicaragua Cordoba C$ 43, 24
Nigeria Naira 20a6
Norway Krone kr 6b, 72
Oman Rial fdfc
Pakistan Rupee 20a8
Panama Balboa B/. 42, 2f, 2e
Paraguay Guarani Gs 47, 73
Peru Sol S/. 53, 2f, 2e
Philippines Peso 20b1
Poland Zloty 7a, 142
Qatar Riyal fdfc
Romania Leu lei 6c, 65, 69
Russia Ruble 20bd
Saint Helena Pound £ a3
Saudi Arabia Riyal fdfc
Serbia Dinar Дин. 414, 438, 43d, 2e
Seychelles Rupee 20a8
Singapore Dollar $ 24
Solomon Islands Dollar $ 24
Somalia Shilling S 53
South Africa Rand R 52
Sri Lanka Rupee 20a8
Sweden Krona kr 6b, 72
Switzerland Franc CHF 43, 48, 46
Suriname Dollar $ 24
Syria Pound £ a3
Taiwan New Dollar NT$ 4e, 54, 24
Thailand Baht ฿ e3f
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TT$ 54, 54, 24
Turkey Lira
Tuvalu Dollar $ 24
Ukraine Hryvnia 20b4
United Kingdom Pound £ a3
United States Dollar $ 24
Uruguay Peso $U 24, 55
Uzbekistan Som лв 43b, 432
Venezuela Bolívar Bs 42, 73
Viet Nam Dong 20ab
Yemen Rial fdfc
Zimbabwe Dollar Z$ 5a, 24

The unicodes as I have provided in the above table for different currencies are based on popularity and so If you don’t find your country’s Unicode and or symbol amongst them, just post a comment with the name of the currency symbol or just the name of the country and I will be very glad to provide you with the Unicode for the currency symbol.


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